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In order to offer the best gemological services, GemsValue – Laboratório Gemológico Independente de Portugal, in cooperation with Sodiamantes SA, focuses on the dissemination and sharing of knowledge in the world of Diamonds and Precious Stones, updating_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_e disclosing the new criteria for grading the quality and evaluation of the Gems.


We carry out specific courses with a focussed approach to the practical component in order to fill in the necessary information.

The courses focus on updating  strategically oriented knowledge for employees of companies in this business sector, knowing that more and more customers are demanding and selective, when purchasing the product.

We can teach courses at your facilities (company) or at our facilities: Independent Gemological Laboratory ou Centro de Formation e Lapidación de Diamantes.

We are flexible in our training programs, in the sense that they can be changed and adapted to the needs of each company. We build tailor-made programs and schedules by prior arrangement. 

Each student will receive a peer-recognized Course Completion Diploma.

We provide updating classes  in order to recycle and update  knowledge.


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