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Next Formation:

10, 11, 1April 2nd, 13th, 14th 2023

(1 week) From 14:00 to 20:300


-Learning the essential themes of gemology, handling gemological equipment and the characteristics and properties of the main inorganic gems and frequent substitutes, providing the structural tools for their correct identification.


- Gemologists, geologists, engineers, jewelers, official appraisers and the general public.


32 Hours 

Coordination and Management:

Carla Pereira | Eng.


Antonio Lino | Eng.

Sandra Ricardo| Trainer


-Institutional Diploma

-Certificate of Professional Training



Training Center and Gemological Laboratory 

Rua Pascoal de Melo Nº7 2nd FTE Left

1000-230 Lisbon-Portugal

GPS 38.73121,-9.13557


    Total amount: 1,450.00 euross 


   Vpre value-Booking: 250.00 euros

   Remaining Value: 1,200.00 euros

(Vamount exempt from VAT under Nº10 of Article 9 of CIVA)

(*) Support and Learning Manual includedno displayed value. 

Features Didactics:

Student Area - Online



- General concepts;

- Geological context and mineralogy;

- Generalities about crystallography;

- Physical properties;

- Optical properties;

- The color of the gems;

- Inclusions;

- Lapidation;

- Treatments;

- Synthetic stones;

- Gemological devices

- Fundamental gemstones and their evaluation: diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald

- Other gemstones: other corundums and beryls, quartz, opal, garnet, topaz, tourmaline, chrysoberyl, jade, spinel, tanzanite, peridot and zircon.


​- Observation of crystallography of rough stones;

- Demonstration of physical and  optical properties;

- Identification of the most common types of cutting;

- Analysis of inclusions of raw and polished gemstones, with the naked eye and with a magnifying glass;

- Identification of treatments and syntheses;

- Learning to work with the essential equipment for the gemologist;

- Observation and identification of more than 300 cut gemstones (with and without treatment) and artificial stones (synthetic and imitations) using the necessary equipment;

- Analytical march for identification, classification and evaluation of the main gems.



Field trip

​- Diamond Cutting Center.

Testemunho dos Alunos
Prático de
Gemologia Aplicada


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