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Next Formation:

10, 11, 1April 2nd, 13th, 14th 2023

From 2 pm to 7 pm

Presentation and Objectives:

Using dozens of pieces (jewelry, silverware, coins, bars, among others), laboratory instruments and proven and up-to-date evaluation techniques, Students learn to analyze in a “360 perspective”, original pieces designed in gold, silver and other precious metals, dated from different places and times, ascertaining and combining their quantitative and qualitative value. Additionally, the artistic nomenclature of hundreds of pieces is taught (essential knowledge to enhance buying/selling processes at the highest level), the recognition of manufacturers valued in the market, the perception of the ornamental characteristics that define the era and the artistic movement, among other topics focusing on the factors that define the object's intrinsic economic value.

Knowing all these analysis processes, the Student is able to study the piece and use the techniques to determine the reference value in the current market and participate/lead buying/selling processes

At the highest level of jewelry, precious metals have as their primary function the support of gems, but they always constitute a financial asset, valuing the pieces as a whole, so their quantitative assessment as a first approach is essential, but there is much more to it than that. here we try to teach


Over the years, in our practical Gemology Courses, we have accustomed the Students to a collection of excellent teaching materials, such as natural, rough and polished gems, this time it will be with the samehigh standard, but the emphasis here will be on objects composed of precious metals


At the request of several Students, it is with great enthusiasm that GemsValue opens the doors to another Course to continue its mission, of passing on knowledge of the highest quality and rigor in the areas of Jewelery and Goldsmithing


General public, jewelers, goldsmiths, geologists, traders of artifacts made of precious metals, other strategic audiences in the sector


25 Hours 


from 2 pm0 to 19:00


Coordination and Management:

Eng. Carla Pereira | INCM Accredited Appraiser


António D´Almeida Lino | Expert gemologist

Sandra Ricardo |GIA Jewelery Designer (USA)


- Recognized Institutional Diploma

- Recognized Professional Training Certificate



Training Center and Gemological Laboratory

Rua Pascoal de Melo Nº7 2nd FTE Left

1000-230 Lisbon-Portugal

GPS 38.73121,-9.13557


Value: 1,350.00 euros

(Amount exempt from VAT under Nº10 of Article 9 of CIVA)

(*) Support and Learning Manual includedno displayed value. 

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